viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

2010 Closure

I wanted to write this post in english, instead of doing it in spanish as usual, so everyone can understand it.

This year happened an important shift in really important aspects of my life. First of all, I started a nice relationship in February with Elena, she put me out of the hole I was in at the start of the year, she shared my coding passion, and showed me that there's a whole new world overseas in New York, and, in general, in the USA.

I also realized that all those impulses I had to just do new things, were indeed driven by my "entrepreneur" character, word that I discovered thanks to all the guys at Tetuan Valley, mentors, alumni and participants.

I have met lots of great people this year, some of them have turned into good friends, and also into entrepreneur partners, like Luxo (@luxorules), who believed in my dreams and helped me out to achieve them.

I've also seen how the passion for the things I do has grown exponentially during last couple of years, mainly thanks to my university friends Keny (@pablollopis) and Paul (@paulgoldbaum), whose entusiasm could turn anyone into a coding machine.

Finally, and not less important, old friends have been there even when I've not been there as much as I should, and I really appreciate it. (Probably they won't read this though :P)

So all of these things have made that I end up 2010 with an awesome girlfriend, epic friends and partners, and my own software company, SpartanBits, with @ilnuska and @luxorules, working doing what I love, thinking on moving to my own house and just enjoying my life, something that I've always dreamt about.

And that's why I've wrote all this shit, because I wanted to thank you all! Happy New Year everyone!

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